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Reporting Improvement Project

With the Technology Voucher Programme funded by the government, our client is able to digitally transform his business from an excel-based decision process, into an intuitive cloud-based, data visualization experience.  This has saved them valuable man hours in compiling reports every month and focus their energy on higher level business thinking.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project

When your business has doubled over time, the homegrown ERP is simply not able to catch up.  In this case, our client has abandoned a legacy accounting/inventory management platform and adopted a best-in-class system which enables modern retailing, sales ordering, purchase ordering, inventory management and accounting.  With the integrated information flow, our client is able to drive the business from bottom-up, as well as from top-down at ease.

Antique Shop
Point of Sale (POS) Project

Traditional POS system remains at establishing numerous secure connections directly from retail shops to the corporate server room.  This does not only complicate the system landscape but also incur huge overhead costs in the IT infrastructure.  Having migrated the system to an up-to-date cloud POS solution has helped our client save costs, simplified IT infrastructure and improved operational efficiencies with the sales force.

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